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Procon Technology has searched all over for these value-for-money DIN Rail Industrial PSUs (Power Supply Units), SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supplies) or Switch-Mode Rectifiers. Please see prices below and email us regarding your quantity requirements or special application. OEM, wholesale and quantity discounts are available. Meanwell, also supply mains power adapters from 12W to 280W, Battery Chargers (including UPS), DC-DC Converters, DC-AC Inverters and LED Power Supplies! NEW! 15W to 150W STEPPED DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLIES NOW AVAILABLE! click here.

To PCB & Medical Approved Power Supplies


A range of plates, brackets and clips are available from Meanwell to mount other power supplies - click here.
For the Industrial caged power supplies in voltages 2.5V to 55V - click here.

HDR range (above left)
The HDR series provides 15W, 30W, 60W, 100W and 150W with voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V or 48V. Replaces DR-15, DR-30, DR-60, DR-100. Fits DIN standard surface covers, metering enclosures and switchboards! Features: narrower DIN rail width than DR units, better efficiency, higher temperature operation, 48V output available, constant current limiting at >50% output voltage, DIN rail (TS35/7.5 or 15) mounting, LED power OK indicator and UL508 (industrial control equipment) approval. Now with Over Voltage Category (OVC) III rating. The HDR-150 is the first Meanwell DIN rail power supply to provide with more than 120W for 12V and 15V outputs!

MDR range (above centre) - also available for UPS and LED applications!
The MDR series provides 10 to 100 Watts of output with voltages of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V or 48V (with adjustment up to +25%)*. It has most of the features of the DR series in a more space saving design (industrial standard housing) and provides a DC OK LED and DC OK signal output (capable of driving a remote lamp, PLC input or relay). Other features include; extended temperature range -20°C to 70°C, an input voltage range of 85-264VAC or 120-370VDC and a hold-up time of 50ms (240VAC) at full load to provide a buffer against momentary power loss! A 3 year warranty is provided. They are also EN61000-6-2 heavy industry level approved. The MDR-100 has the added advantage of built-in PFC (Power Factor Correction), OTP (Over Temperature Protection) and high efficiency using ZCS/ZVS technology. The entire MDR range is UL508 (industrial control equipment) listed and has low no-load power consumption (less than 1W). This unique characteristic can significantly expand the application of MDR range beyond heavy industrial fields to data communication (datacom) and IT applications that require "green" power to save energy under no-load or low-load conditions. *Note, the MDR-10 does not provide voltage adjustment. The 40-100W can be adjusted up by 25%. i.e. 5V to 6V, 12V to 15V, 24V to 30V.

EDR range / NDR range (above right)
The EDR and NDR ranges has been designed as a smaller, lower cost, replacement for the DR series providing 75 and 120 Watts of output with voltages of 12V, 24V or 48V. A 150W model, EDR-150 is available in 24 Volts only! And 240W and 480W are now available in the NDR series. Like the DR range, the EDR and NDR ranges offers constant-current overload protection with automatic recovery (except 480W). Both series offer operation at lower temperatures... down to -20°C. The NDR offers higher temperature operation (from 60°C to 70°C) and longer warranty than the EDR series as well as more extensive categories of use with better EMC standards. In general, the EDR range is designed for price-sensitive industrial applications.

SDR range (not shown)
The SDR range provides 75W to 960W of continuous output (150% peak for 3 seconds*) with voltages of 12V (SDR-75 and SDR-120 only), 24V or 48V. This is a cost-effective alternative to the Siemens SITOP PSU300M or PULS Q-Series power supplies! The SDR range features 150% peak current for 3 seconds (minimum) to allow trouble-free energizing of loads with high starting currents such as motors, lamps (incandescent & LED), inverters and DC-DC converters. Other features include; 94% efficiency typical (50% less heat generated compared to others), extended temperature operation (70°C), a DC OK relay output (can be used, together with external diodes, in a redundant system to indicate when a power supply has failed) , active Power Factor Correction (PFC), 100-240VAC operation and compact size. The SDR range is the first Meanwell Power Supplies with SEMI F47 (voltage sag immunity) compliance. In addition, the WDR range operates on 240VAC to 415VAC (300-700VDC) and has automatic recovery after over-load! Now available is the SDR480P with parallel capability - up to 8 units. Also available is the TDR range (three phase)... the 960W unit is just 110mm wide and allows parallel capability up to 4 units. *130% peak current for SDR-960.

The SDR range is now the number one choice for road-side infrastructure in Australia, including: number plate recognition, traffic management, automatic warning systems and electronic signage and road traffic cameras!

Click on the part number below to view the data sheet (PDF file) showing full specifications.
Click here to download February 2020 MeanWell DIN catalogue in PDF (3.9MB)
Click here to download MeanWell USER MANUAL in PDF (190KB)
Click here for video of MeanWell DIN rail range of PSU

PRICE LIST.........current until 30th April, 2024AUD$+GSTNOTE
MDR-10-v, 10W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V................. pdf$40.00$44.00note
HDR-15-v, 15W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V......... pdf$40.00$44.00.
MDR-20-v, 20W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V$45.00$49.50.
HDR-30-v, 30W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V......... pdf$45.00$49.50.
MDR-40-v, 40W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V$60.00$66.00.
HDR-60-v, 60W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V......... pdf$60.00$66.00.
MDR-60-v, 60W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V$63.00$69.30.
WDR-60-v, 60W DIN SMPS v = 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V.................. pdf$110.00$121.00.
EDR-75-v, 75W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V - class A............ pdf$70.00$77.00.
NDR-75-v, 75W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V - class B......... pdf$80.00$88.00.
SDR-75-v, 75W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V (112W peak)..... pdf$100.00$110.00.
HDR-100-vN, 100W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V........ pdf$90.00$99.00note
MDR-100-v, 100W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V.............. pdf$100.00$110.00.
EDR-120-v, 120W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V - class A$80.00$88.00.
NDR-120-v, 120W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V - class B$90.00$99.00.
SDR-120-v, 120W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V (180W peak)$150.00$165.00.
WDR-120-v, 120W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V, 48V (240-415VAC)$160.00$176.00pdf
EDR-150-24, 150W DIN SMPS v = 24V@6.5A at 240VAC - class A$100.00$110.00pdf
HDR-150-v, 150W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V.......... pdf$110.00$121.00.
NDR-240-v, 240W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V........................... pdf$150.00$165.00.
SDR-240-v, 240W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V (360W peak)$220.00$242.00.
TDR-240-v, 240W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V... 2 or 3 phase....... pdf$200.00$220.00.
WDR-240-v, 240W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V (240-415VAC)... pdf$270.00$297.00.
NDR-480-v, 480W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V........................... pdf$270.00$297.00.
SDR-480-v, 480W (720W peak) v = 24V, 48V........................... pdf$360.00$396.00.
SDR-480P-v, 480W (720W peak) v = 24V, 48V /parallel up to 3840W$360.00$396.00.
TDR-480-v, 480W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V /2 or 3 phase......... pdf$330.00$363.00.
WDR-480-v, 480W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V (240-415VAC)... pdf$400.00$440.00.
SDR-960-v, 960W (1250W peak) v = 24V, 48V /parallel up to 4$540.00$594.00.
TDR-960-v, 960W DIN SMPS v = 24V, 48V /3 phase /parallel up to 4$500.00$550.00.
DC TO DC CONVERTERS (RAILWAY*)............................ pdfAUD$+GSTNOTE
DDR-15n-v, 15W DIN DC-DC v = 3.3V,5V,12V,15V,24V... n = G, L$54.00$59.40.
DDR-30n-v, 30W DIN DC-DC v = 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V... n = G, L$72.00$79.20.
DDR-60n-v, 60W DIN DC-DC v = 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V... n = G, L$100.00$110.00.
DDR-120n-v, 120W DIN DC-DC v = 12V, 24V, 48V... n = A, B, C, D$150.00$165.00*
DDR-240n-v, 240W DIN DC-DC v = 24V, 48V... n = B, C, D...
...................... DC OK, remote ON/OFF, parallel up to 960W
DDR-480n-v, 480W DIN DC-DC v = 12V, 24V, 48V... n = B, C, D...
...................... DC OK, remote ON/OFF, parallel up to 1920W
DDRH-60-v, 60W DC-DC v = 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V... 150-1500VDC in$180.00$198.00.
DDRH-120-v, 120W DC-DC v = 12V, 24V, 32V, 48V... 250-1500V in$200.00$220.00new!
DDRH-240-v, 240W DC-DC v = 12V, 24V, 32V, 48V... 250-1500V in$270.00$297.00new!
OTHER DIN RAIL UNITS............................. pdfAUD$+GSTNOTE
DRA-40-v, 40W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V /LED driver$80.00$88.00note
DRA-60-v, 60W DIN SMPS v = 12V, 24V /LED driver$90.00$99.00note
DR-RDN20, Redundancy Module 24V-27.6V 20A + failure alarms$120.00$132.00nrnd
DRDN20-v, Redundancy Module 12V, 24V, 48V - 2x10A inputs$80.00$88.00.
DRDN40-v, Redundancy Module 12V, 24V, 48V - 2x20A inputs$100.00$110.00.
ERDN20-v, Redundancy Module 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V - 2x10A inputs$80.00$88.00.
ERDN40-v, Redundancy Module 12V, 24V, 48V - 2x20A inputs$100.00$110.00.
DR-UPS40, UPS Module for 24V-27.6V 40A systems + failure alarms$180.00$198.00nrnd
DUPS20, UPS Module for 24V-27.6V 20A systems + failure alarms$90.00$99.00pdf
DUPS40, UPS Module for 24V-27.6V 40A systems + failure alarms$100.00$110.00pdf
DRC-40n, 40W DIN SMPS A = 13.8V, B = 27.6V /charger + UPS$90.00$99.00.
DRC-60n, 60W DIN SMPS A = 13.8V, B = 27.6V /charger + UPS$100.00$110.00.
DRC-100n, 100W DIN SMPS A = 13.8V, B = 27.6V /charger + UPS$130.00$143.00.
DRC-180n, 180W DIN SMPS A = 13.8V, B = 27.6V /charger + UPS$230.00$253.00new!
DRS-240-v, 240W DIN v = 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V / All-In-One ISP$450.00$495.00new!
DRS-480-v, 480W DIN v = 24V, 36V, 48V / All-In-One ISP$540.00$594.00new!
SBP-001, USB Smart Programmer for DRS-240, DRS-480$140.00$154.00pdf
DBUF20-24, Buffer Module 24V / 20 Amp... video$270.00$297.00.
DBUF40-24, Buffer Module 24V / 40 Amp... video$300.00$330.00.
ICL-16R, AC Inrush Current Limiter - 16 Amp$80.00$88.00.
ICL-28R, AC Inrush Current Limiter - 28 Amp$120.00$132.00.
DLP-04R, Bus power supply 16V@0.24A for DALI interface$90.00$99.00.
KAA-4R4V-10, KNX LED actuator/dimmer - 4 channel (10A)$450.00$495.00.
KAA-8R, KNX universal actuator/controller - 8 channel (16A)$500.00$550.00.
KAA-8R-10, KNX universal actuator/controller - 8 channel (10A)$400.00$440.00.
KDA-64, KNX to DALI Gateway... Connect up to 64 Dali ECGs!$900.00$990.00pdf
KNX-20E, 20W DIN SMPS 30V@640mA KNX system w. choke$170.00$187.00pdf
KNX-40E, 40W DIN SMPS 30V@1280mA +/- choke out, D option$400.00$440.00.
KSC-01L, KNX line/area coupler/repeater$700.00$770.00.
KSI-01U, KNX to USB interface (bi-directional, isolated)$400.00$440.00.
KSR-01IP, KNX IP Routing (KNX TP to IP coupling)$800.00$880.00pdf
DRP-02, DIN Rail (TS35/7.5 or 15mm) Clip - 80mm wide$3.60$3.96note
DRP-03, DIN Rail (TS35/7.5 or 15mm) Clip - 45mm wide$3.60$3.96.
DRP-04, DIN Rail (TS35/7.5 or 15mm) Clip - 80mm wide... special$4.50$4.95.
DRL-01, Right-angle mounting bracket for DIN rail$4.00$4.40note
DRL-02, Right-angle mounting bracket for DIN rail$5.40$5.94.
DRL-03A, Right-angle mounting bracket for DIN rail$6.30$6.93more

Note many 5V it can be adjusted upto 6V, 12V upto 15V, 24V upto 30V, 48V upto 58V
Many 12V units can be set up to 13.8V, 24V up to 27.6V, 48V up to 55.2V (see datasheet)

All MeanWell power supplies we sell have international approvals (UL, CB, CE, TUV, EMC) and Australian C-tick approval and have built-in short-circuit, overload and OVP (Over Voltage Protection). To determine the output current divide the wattage by the voltage. e.g. 240 Watts at 24V provides 10A. Note the maximum current is derated at temperature extremes (see data sheets). All models 240W and above (plus MDR-100 & SDR-120) have active PFC (Power Factor Correction). SDR models have SEMI F47 approvals or compliance. All test reports, certificates and declarations are available as PDF documents... please request a copy by email.

Payment and delivery?
Payment may be made by debit or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) by PHONE or MAIL (or email at your own risk). AUD$ prices are Australian dollars. Note, these are EXPORT prices. For delivery within Australia please add 10% GST (use +GST column). For an order form that you can print out and email to us - click here.

Delivery charge within Australia $11 (trade & express bag orders - $16.50). More for discounted orders or large orders to WA, NT and remote QLD. Delivery to overseas destinations - P.O.A. (ask us). EX-GST purchases may only be made when the delivery address is outside of Australia. i.e. for EXPORT orders. Prices subject to change without notice.

1. @With short-circuit and overload protection, some supplies shut-down and must have the power cycled off and on again to recover, some have a hicup mode and recover automatically and others have constant current limiting. Note, when driving motors, incandescent lights and highly capacitive loads the supply must allow for the peak current or a constant current limited output is recommended (e.g. DR, EDR, MDR, NDR, WDR* versions). *some units only. Please check what mode of operation you require before purchase!
2. All MW DIN Rail power supplies have exposed supply input terminals and therefore they must be used inside a control cubicle or suitable enclosure for OEM (Own Equipment Manufacturer) use. For desktop power supplies from Manson - click here.
3. All MW DIN Rail power supplies operate from -20°C (new units from -30°C) to 60°C (most new units to 70°C). The current output must be derated at temperature extremes and with low input voltage.
4. All MW power supplies have floating outputs (except GST >120W and SP-480) and can be used as positive or negative earthed supplies and can be connected in series for increased voltage (2 units max). Note, diode protection against reverse voltage may be necessary and, remember, any voltage above 60VDC is hazardous - the requirement of SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) of IEC60950-1. Please ask for an information sheet for this and other applications (e.g. using them in parallel or as a battery charger).
5. The MDR and SDR range may be used to replace Siemens 6EP1332, 6EP1333, 6EP1334 models, Omron S8VE, S8VS, S8VT and S8PS models and Delta CliQ series.
6. For installation notes click the following part number (also see the user manual and the individual data sheet)... DR15-100, DR45-DRP480, DRH-DRT, EDR, HDR, MDR, NDR, SDR, TDR, WDR.

Meanwell Time Between Failure
The 'Mean Time Between Failure' or MTBF is calculated according to the probability of accidental device failures, and indicates reliability of devices. Therefore, it does not necessarily represent a life of the product. The life expectancy or life cycle of a power supply is most dependent on the electrolytic capacitors used. The deterioration speed of the electrolytic capacitor varies considerably according to the ambient temperature. Generally the speed follows “Rule of Two for every 10°C”; for every 10°C increase in temperature the rate of degradation doubles according to Arrhenius’s equation. The reason Meanwell have such good MTBF specs on in-line or laptop style power supplies is that they use 105°C electrolytic capacitors whereas others use ordinary 85°C caps (open that 'cheap' unit and take a look). Finally, 2017 figures on the '2 year field return rate' suggest that around 1 in 6600 units is ever returned due to faulty parts or workmanship (that's x6 less returns in 10 years). Procon Technology can honestly say, until 2018*, due to Meanwell's extensive burn-in testing, that we have NEVER had a D.O.A (Dead on arrival) nor premature failure of a Meanwell power supply (I wish all the products we sold were like this). The only unit we have had returned within 12 months of installation had a "zapped" nest of ants in it! p.s. We recommend that all power supplies be checked on a regular basis and steps taken to ensure vermin (ants, rats, birds) do not cause mischief! In outside applications, where this could be a problem, we recommend the use of a IP65 or IP67 rated units. e.g.
HLG or HEP range.

*yes! It had to happen one day... our first DOA unit, a RSP-200-27 power supply! Remember, in the last 10 years we have sold 1,000's of Meanwell power supplies!

Mean Well Enterprises Co Ltd:
Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd. is one of the leading switching power supply manufacturers in Taiwan or ROC. Established in 1982, it is a TQM (Total Quality Management) company and has been ISO-9001 certified since 1994. Besides the Industrial AC to DC power supplies, the product line also includes; mains adapters, LED power supplies and drivers, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters and battery chargers. Total Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction” are the central goals of MeanWell. They and Procon Technology believe that the industry is one where reliability, functionality and cost are of great importance, but that it is reliability that differentiates the truly superior product. So, every product in the Mean Well range is the result of rigid procedures governing design, Design Verification Test (DVT), Design Quality Test (DQT), component selection, pilot-run production, and mass production. To this end, Mean Well have recently implemented a new and highly efficient Computerized Management System (CMS). This system allows improved administration of sales, manufacturing, purchasing, fabrication management, shipping, customer service, and quality analysis, allowing them to ensure the best CQTS (Cost, Quality, Delivery & Service) for customers. The goal is to offer total solutions that satisfy customer's requirements. Mean Well have earned their good reputation based on the quality, competitive prices and punctual delivery of products. This reputation has enabled Mean Well to enjoy an average of 28% sales growth in the past few years. For the company profile - click here.

Meanwell company profile video - click here and click here.

What does Mean Well mean to you?
'Mean Well' may be a name that is unfamilar to you. Perhaps you have purchased the one of the brandnames below? These are often large companies that supply a wide range of electronic equipment, whereas Mean Well specialize in power supplies... or power related products only! Many of these brandnames may, in fact, have their power supplies manufactured by Mean Well. Some of them simply rebadge the MeanWell product and sell it for significantly more! As for the name itself 'Mean Well' or 'MW' should stand for 'Manufactured Well' but the name, which was translated from Chinese, means more than it's dictionary definition - 'to have good intentions'. It may, or may not, surprise you that Mean Well Enterprises has adopted Confucius Analects as part of its corporate culture, 'Honesty and Sincerely', 'Active and Responsible' and 'Harmony and Unity'. The message from the President (Mr Jerry Lin) illustrates the importance the company places on the operation of a humble power supply - "If the CPU is the brain of a system, the power supply is it's heart, and often the value of losses incurred in a single failure can exceed the value of the power supply itself." Note, Meanwell has won the 2019 'Taiwan Excellence Award' for the DBR-3200 (3200W rack mounted power supply) and the LDPC-50A (Laser Diode Driver).

Why you should buy MeanWell for use in Australia?
A quote from an Electrical Contracting Magazine... 'Very high temperatures this summer have made it particularly hard for many inverters that were not designed or rated to withstand Australian conditions. This has been one of the factors contributing to recent increases in inverter failures.'

Try Mean Well and Save:
Procon Technology is happy to provide any in-stock power supply to government, semi-government or large Australian company 'on-approval' for evaluation and testing over 30 days. Remember OEM, wholesale or re-seller and quantity discounts are available. It doesn't matter whether you are using; ABB, Aros, Absopulse, Agilent (HP or Hewlett-Packard), Allen-Bradley, Altech Corp, Amtex, Astec, Astrodyne, B+B, Bel, Block, Cabac, Cabur, Calex, Cosel, CUI Inc, Delta, EA (Elektro-Automatik), Emerson, Excelsys, HiTek, IDEC, IMO, Lascar, Mitsubishi, Multicorp, MuRata, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Powerbox, Power-one, Powertech, Puls, Recom, Rhino, RS Components, Siemens, Snaptec, Sola HD, Statronics, SunPower, TDK-Lambda, Telemecanique, Traco Power, Weidmuller Ecoline or XP industrial power supplies, I'm sure we can find something on the Mean Well range to replace it at a more cost-effective price without compromising quality or reliability! Telephone us on 03 98306288 or email us with your requirements. NOTE some of these brands only provide a 1 year warranty. Meanwell provides 2 years on the EDR ranege, 3 years on most units, 5 years for RSP (750W and above), RST, HRP/G and MSP, 6 years for HEP series and HLG series 7 years!!!

Disclaimer: The above specifications are subject to change without notice. Please ensure the suitability of these products for your application before purchase. In applications where mains surges may occur (e.g. due to lighting strike) additional protective devices should be fitted... such as the Meanwell SPD-20-240P. Further note that the power supplies with open terminals are intended to be installed inside a "suitable" protective encloser with adequate ventilation provided. They must be installed by a qualified person according to local electrical authority regulations. Please contact us should you have any doubt. Some FAKE Meanwell power supplies* have also been sold by overseas suppliers - BEWARE! Always purchase from an authorised Australian Supplier! That way you'll be able to make a warranty claim if necessary and you'll also be assured that the power supply meets Australian Standards or has the necessary Electrical Safety Approvals AND works properly without interference! Click here to see one cheap "fake" or "look a like". Notice the look-a-like logo "M&W" another is "MiWi" and "WH" (Wei Hao).

*You can now check the serial numbers of any Meanwell power supply (Mar. 2011 onwards) and download a "QC Report" from... www.meanwell.com/serviceReport.aspx