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The following prices are current until 30th April, 2024. Fischertechnik has been making educational construction kits since 1965. All kits are made in Germany. Payment may be made by credit, debit or gift card (MASTERCARD or VISA) by PHONE or EMAIL. For current stock and prices click here. For an order form that you can print out and email to us - click here. For catalogues and spare parts Click here. In Australia, phone 03 98306288 now to buy! Model assembly example - click here

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TXT Discovery (524328)... from fischertechnik. Other
computing kits include TX ElectroPneumatic (516186),
Automation Robots (511933), TX Explorer (508778),
and for beginners - BT Smart Beginner Set (540586).

Eco Energy kit (520400) now available!
Profi range includes Mechanics+Statics2 (536622),
Electronics (524326) and Technology (508776) &
others. Click here for the full range and prices.

ROBOT KITS COMPLETE + interface + software... videoAUD$+GSTNOTEEAN (barcode)
544624-1, TXT Smart Home (220 parts, 6 models)*... pdf
..............complete with new TXT interface 522429 + software + ps
540586, BT Smart Beginner Set (380 parts, 12 models)*... pdf
...............includes ROBOPro Light & Android App & iPhone App
533876, Mini Bots (100 parts, 5 models)*... pdf$150.00$165.00video4048962229745
524328, Robotics TXT Discovery (310 parts, 14 models)... pdf
..............includes TXT Controller + camera + sw + ACCU
524370, LT Beginner Set (200 parts, 12 models)... pdf
............... with ROBO Light interface + sw + USB powered!
519143, TXT Training Lab + Explorer + 522429 + software
...............(550 parts, 17 models) includes the ACCU Set
516186-1, TXT ElectroPneumatic (400 parts, 4 models)... pdf
..............complete with new TXT interface 522429 + software + ps
511933-1, TXT Automation Robot (510 parts, 4 models)... pdf
..............complete with new TXT interface 522429 + software + ps
508778-1, TXT Explorer with 522429 + software... pdf
................. (400 parts, 6 models) includes ACCU Set... video
$600.00$660.001 only.
505286, TX Training Lab with TXT controller + software... pdf
...............(310 parts, 11 models) includes ACCU Set
$540.00$594.001 only4048962069471

*Procon Technology includes with these kits a 9V alkaline battery (if needed).
We also include a FREE mains power supply (if needed) for Australian customers!

544624, TXT Smart Home (220 parts, 6 models)*... pdf
..............includes ROBOPro, camera & sensors! video
516186, TX/TXT ElectroPneumatic (400 parts, 4 models)... pdf$330.00$363.00sold!4048962136845
511933, TX/TXT Automation Robots (510 parts, 4 models)...pdf$360.00$396.00sold!4048962111309
508778, TX/TXT Explorer (400 parts, 6 models)... pdf$270.00$297.001 only4048962095678

522429, Robotics TXT Controller (new interface unit)... pdf^
...................for a review of this product - click here
152522, TXT WebCam - camera & mic for TXT Controller$90.00$99.00..
500995, TX Controller - interface with Bluetooth... pdf^$300.00$330.00sold!4048962003826
93296, ROBOPro software for Windows + bonus CD-ROM...
...............Click here to download FREE demo version
35537, ACCU battery 8.4V 1500mAh NiMH$60.00$66.00..
34969, ACCU Set (8.4V NiMH + 240V AUS charger)$80.00$88.00pdf4006209520918
30582PT, Power Supply (100-240VAC) 10VDC 2.5 Amp...
.................universal for all interface and control units.
93293, ROBO Interface with serial + USB port#... pdf$250.00$275.002 only4006209932933
93295, ROBO RF remote data link for 93293#... pdf$200.00$220.002 only4006209932957
75028, IR Remote for use with 93293 interface#$70.00$77.001 only.
46234, ROBO Explorer (360 parts, 6 models)#...... pdf$270.00$297.001 only4006209462348
500883, ROBO PneuVAC (350 parts, 4 models)#... pdf$270.00$297.001 only4049862003291

^The TX and TXT interfaces can be controlled by your Android or iOS phone/tablet... download apps at - Google Play or iTunes.
For tips on using the new TXT Controller (522429) and fischertechnik camera (152522) - click here.

PROFI KITS - educational - with activity manualAUD$+GSTNOTEEAN (barcode)
544619, Dynamic XXL (1360 parts, 3 models)... pdf... video$300.00$330.00sold!4048962316254
544618, Dynamic XM (280 parts, 3 models)... video$80.00$88.00sold!4048962316247
536622, Mechanics & Statics 2 (500 parts, 30 models)*... pdf$180.00$198.00sold!4048962250299
533872, Dynamic M (Music) (550 parts, 4 models)... video$150.00$165.00sold!4048962229707
524326, Electronics (260 parts, 16 models)*... pdf
............ plus 152063 module & digital multimeter - worth $33
524327, Dynamic XL (1250 parts, 8 models)*... pdf... video$270.00$297.00sold!4048962196108
520400, Oeco/Eco Energy (370 parts, 14 models)... pdf$180.00$198.00.4048962168662
520401, Fuel Cell Kit (41 parts, 5 models) for 520400$160.00$176.00sold!4048962168679
520399, Optics (300 parts, 15 models)*... pdf$160.00$176.00sold!4048962168655
516185, Pneumatic 3 (440 parts, 8 models)*... pdf$200.00$220.00sold!4048962136838
516184, Cars & Drives (280 parts, 8 models)... pdf$140.00$154.00sold!4048962136821
511932, Dynamic L (690 parts, 7 models)* - pdf... was $198$90.00$99.00sold!4048962111293
508776, Technical Revolutions (270 parts, 12 models)*... pdf$90.00$99.00video4048962095654

524325, Tractor IR Control (540 parts, 8 models)...video$227.00$249.70sold!4048962196085
520398, Power Machines (1400 parts, 2 models)*$360.00$396.00sold!4048962168648
511931, Universal Set 3 (500 parts, 50 models+)...video$140.00$154.00sold!4048962111286
508775, Super Fun Park (660 parts, 3 models)*...video
..............with mini-motor + power supply - was $220
$180.00$198.001 only4048962095647
41862, Super Cranes (780+ parts, 3 models) was $220$180.00$198.00sold!4006209418628
511929, Junior Little Starter (60 parts, 6 models)$24.00$26.40sold!4048962111262
511930, Junior Jumbo Starter (135 parts, 16 models)$90.00$99.00sold!4048962111279

*Procon Technology includes with these kits a 9V alkaline battery.
We also include a FREE mains power supply for Australian customers only!

540585, BT Control Set (16 parts)~... Smartphone App$150.00$165.00sold!4048962280043
533877, LED Light Set (40 parts)~$54.00$59.40sold!4048962229752
533873, Dynamic Tuning Set (180 parts)$45.00$49.50sold!4048962229714
500881, Remote Control Set (11 parts inc. Servo)~$150.00$165.00sold!4048962003277
500880, Sound and Light Kit (32 parts inc. module)~...
..............for software - click here, for instructions - pdf
505282, Motor Set XM (40 parts inc. differential)$70.00$77.00.4048962069433
505281, Motor Set XS (45 parts inc. 9V bat holder)~$60.00$66.00.4048962069426
94828, Storage box 500 with 2 x long + 2 x short dividers$20.00$22.00..
91082, Creative Box 1000 (700 parts)$180.00$198.00.4006209910825
32985, Baseplate small 258 x 186mm for 94828$12.00$13.20..
30383, Storage box 1000 (42 parts inc. large baseplate)$70.00$77.00sold!4006209303832
35537, ACCU battery 8.4V 1500mAh NiMH$60.00$66.00..
34969, ACCU Set (8.4V NiMH + AUS charger)... pdf$80.00$88.00note4006209520918
30581PT, Power Supply (100-240VAC) 9VDC 0.66 Amp$25.00$27.50..

~Procon Technology includes with these kits a 9V alkaline battery
An optional extra is the mains power supply - 30581PT

# - discontinued items, limited stock available. a.s. = available soon.
Otherwise ALL items shown are currently in stock!

Delivery charge within Australia $11 (small items under 500gm) otherwise $16.50 (VIC, SA, TAS, NSW, Q1). Other states and remote areas - P.O.A. (i.e. ask us). Optional insurance $1.50 per $100 value. Delivery to overseas destinations - P.O.A. (i.e. ask us). For delivery within Australia please add 10% GST (use +GST column). EX-GST purchases may only be made when the delivery address is outside of Australia. i.e. for EXPORT orders.

All fischertechnik products carry a two year international warranty.

Email/Letter of the year (2016): Hi Peter, Did you see this notice in 'The Age' - Obituaries - Arthur Fischer. Our grandson absolutely loves the fischertechnik we bought from you for his 5th birthday - makes his own models - also enjoys following 'the plan'. Thank you for your encouragement. Shiela, VIC.

Email of the year (2014): I have just inspected the two cds you sent (with fischertechnik). Thank you very much. Lots of real goodies on there. Particuarly like the pictures of the models but heaps of other interesting stuff there! You do a fantastic job with your service. Ray, NSW.

Customer feedback: 'Have really enjoyed the Junior Jumbo Starter kit with my son, who is 3. He can put together most of the basic models himself, and knows what pieces make up the more complex models it's a joy. My son loves the fischertechnik gear so much, I feel confident you've got yourself a long-term customer. So thanks for making sure I am filtered-in!', David, Australia. 'Our students are pretty rough on equipment, but we've found fischertechnik to be so durable...' T. Coping, Normanhurst Boys High school. NOTE, many people have dug out the old fischertechnik kit from the 1970's and handed it over to their grandchildren! Fischertechnik is a quality product made in Germany and is durable and very long lasting! 'My own kids and my students at school love fischertechnik - you are doing us a great service!! Blessings' Mike, USA. Other customer comments - click here.

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