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Article called "St Kilda and Australia: Emigrants at Peril, 1852-3"... to download in PDF format... Click here.
Book called "St Kilda and the St Kildians 1887"... to download in PDF format... Click here.
Census for St Kilda 1851 (edited version)... to download in PDF format... Click here.

I believe in both 'value for money' and 'good service'. I personally evaluate and test all products (periodically) that are offered here and if they don't measure up, we refuse to sell them! Equally, we will test most products before they are shipped. Because, I know, there is nothing worse than receiving a product that doesn't work! AND, if a screwdriver (for opening the battery compartment) or batteries are needed - we include them! So much for that TV advertisement that says "Why are batteries never included?"

It has become clear to me, through many years of experience, that only products manufactured in mainland China (PRC) under licence by "reputable" companies are truly worth purchasing. I repeat that "50% of Chinese products are good quality... but which 50%" and, even staff from Jaycar Electronics* agree "The quality control department of Chinese companies is the customer". We continue to provide products from companies from Germany (fischertechnik), USA (DeOxit), Taiwan (Meanwell) and Hong Kong (Manson) as these companies provide the quality, documentation and the support we expect!

*It is products from this company in Australia that I have most trouble with and it annoys me that they not only fail to address these problems but that the Manager has called me a "nitpicker" and they fail even to provide essential spareparts for the products they sell!

Hi, I'm Peter King the founder and manager of Procon Technology. I'm a qualified engineer with special qualifications in computer control. My interests are; electronics, computing, industrial control, PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and, of course, fischertechnik. Since starting business in 1984, Procon Technology has evolved from a specialized consulting business to a manufacturer of interface products and a distributor of robotic kits from fischertechnik. Now we also offer a range of unique products that represent value-for-money such as the Manson Power Supplies and Meanwell Power Supplies. All of these items have been personally tested and are recommended by me. I take great pride in receiving positive feed-back from my customers. To see their comments - Click here.

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