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NOTE: All prices shown (E & O.E.) on our webpages are current until 29th February, 2024. Please contact us or check our website for updated prices after this date. There is no minimum order size in Australia however postage & handling fee is $11 min.~

F.A.Q. 'How do I order from Procon Technology and how do I pay?' The easiest and quickest way to order is by PHONE (remember we operate on Melbourne time - AEST). Call (03) 98306288 or +61-3-98306288 for international callers. Major credit, debit & gift cards accepted include: VISA and Mastercard.

EBAY feedback of the month (JUNE 2023): MEANWELL ADAPTER - Excellent seller. Super helpful and gave great advice. Fast delivery. Very happy with product. Highly recommend! mr_bigg1es

Email of the year (2021): ST3386UV UV TORCH - It arrived today. It's tiny and I didn't expect much from it, but it is actually better than any of my other UV torches! It picks out fluorescence really brightly while leaving everything else dark, and not just bathed in purple. Linda, QLD

Email of the year (2020): Hi Peter, the package containing fischertechnik storage box and accu set arrived on Monday. The items are already in use as shown in the photographs. My son's old collection in the grey boxes and the newer pieces in the blue storage box. The marble run was built using a combination of old and new pieces. Thank you for your service. Alison, QLD

Email of the year (2017): Hi Peter, The parcel already arrived this morning (order of RSP power supplies). Thank you very much for your prompt service and express shipping. Also, thank you for your catalogue and CD. Much appreciated. I’ll definitely get back to again. Carsten, QLD

Email of the year (2016): Order for SP-240-12 (Meanwell power supply). Just a note to thank you for your quick response, service is excellent, product ideal. Norm, Whyalla SA

Letter of the year (2016): Hi Peter, Did you see this notice in 'The Age' - Obituaries - Arthur Fischer. Our grandson absolutely loves the fischertechnik we bought from you for his 5th birthday - makes his own models - also enjoys following 'the plan'. Thank you for your encouragement. Shiela, VIC.

F.A.Q. 'I wish to buy a few different products, how do I work out the delivery cost?' One thing is for sure - it will cost no more than the sum of the individual delivery costs shown on each webpage. However, the delivery charge is generally $11 for delivery to major east-coast cities (up to Brisbane) and also to Adelaide. Except where large or heavy items are concerned - e.g. lathes, milling machines and large power supplies. Please ask for a quote for these items and for other Australian destinations. For overseas shipments - ask us!

F.A.Q. 'What is the warranty on the products you sell?' Most products we sell have, at least, a 12 months warranty. Fischertechnik kits and MeanWell power supplies have a 2 to 7 year warranty! Some products have less than 12 months, but we provide a minimum 12 months warranty on ALL products - as a special service to our customers! Please note, consumerables are not covered. e.g. batteries, lamps, ink etc. Some conditions apply - please read all instructions. Please contact us before returning any products.

F.A.Q. 'How do I find out what's happened to my order?' In rare cases, goods are out-of-stock and there is a delay in shipping. In some cases goods are 'delayed' in shipping (e.g. there's an error in the address). Please contact us (by phone 03 98306288 or email) for the consignment number. Most shipments are sent by Australia Post (except for heavy items) by Express or Registered Post. Call Austalia Post on 131318 and quote your consignment number or enter it on the internet at: www.auspost.com.au/track/

F.A.Q. 'Would you please advise delivery times of goods to a UK address?', Bob McWhir, England. We generally quote for UK or USA deliveries*: 3-5 days for EPI (Express Post International) and 5-10 days for Airmail. However Airmail can be faster - as in the examples below. Goods over 2Kg are generally shipped by EPI, otherwise by airmail. Note, EPI allow tracking on the internet at ice.auspost.com.au. Insurance is optional. Sea shipment is available to some destinations (takes 6-8 weeks). *Note, goods may be delayed by your customs service... customs duty and taxes are the customer's responsibility.

F.A.Q. 'I am keen to buy one of your products, is it returnable if it's not able to perform as I wish?' 70 year old Norma, Australia. Yes, we offer a 14 day return policy if not satisfied...of course, shipping costs are not refunded. Please contact us before returning any products. Norma purchased a universal remote after buying a cheap universal remote from Kmart and returning it ... like I said, it's worth paying a bit extra for a good universal remote! Of course, all of the items you see on our website have been personally evaluated and tested by me - Peter King. Almost everything (where possible) is tested or checked before shipping it out to customers! Goods are also often tested before shipment because there's nothing worse than getting a product that doesn't work!

F.A.Q. 'Are all the products you sell new?' YES, most definitely! You will be advised if anything has been used (sometimes a demo or evaluation unit) or damaged and may even be offered a discount for this stock. We do often open products to check them before shipping and with some products we make custom modifications to them. Please check all products throughly on receipt and notify us immediately if anything is faulty or missing.

F.A.Q. 'I don't have a fax or buy over the internet and I don't provide credit card details over the phone. Sorry - old school. Regards, John, New Zealand. Hi John, I've been using my credit cards by phone and fax within Australia for 30+ years and have never had a problem... if you're worried (and prefer the protection that a credit card provides rather than using a cheque or direct deposit) then why not buy a Mastercard or Visa gift card from the post office or bank (costs $6.95 extra) for $50 to $500 value and use that? I did that recently with an on-line store - the gift card I got FREE through my Commonwealth Bank Reward points!

Email of the year (2014): I have just inspected the two cds you sent (with fischertechnik). Thank you very much. Lots of real goodies on there. I particularly like the pictures of the models but heaps of other interesting stuff there! You do a fantastic job with your service. Ray, NSW.

Email of the year (2013): Order of C3 lathe accessories arrived safely, thank you for your care and speedy service. Jim, Tasmania.

Email of the year (2012): Have really enjoyed the Junior Jumbo Starter kit with my son, who is 3. He can put together most of the basic models himself, and knows what pieces make up the more complex models – it's a joy. My son loves the fischertechnik gear so much, I feel confident you've got yourself a long-term customer. So thanks for making sure I am filtered-in! David, Australia. For all fischertechnik kits - Click here.

Email of the year (2011): RE: lascar datalogger EL-USB-2-LCD. Thank you so much! They arrived and are so easy to set up and turn on! I haven't tested the download of data yet. I ran out of time to put one in the roof but have started the other 2 in their places. I wish I would have found this product (having tried another) months ago. Regards, Renée, Australia

Email of the year (2010): 'Hello Procon, The order we placed with you last week for a Universal II and Big Bulldozer set arrived today all well. Unexpectedly we were surprised with the additional literature, CD (with loads of relevant information), and the pen holder that you provided. This was a much welcomed addition to the order placed. The kits are for our 8 year old, budding engineer, on his coming birthday. He is eagerly anticipating what will turn up in a few weeks. Thank you for your prompt service, and fuss free purchase/sale/delivery. I expect we will be back for more, to build on these kits as our "engineer's" experience and interest grows.' Roger, Australia.

Email of the year (2009): 'Re: $80 refund to credit card... Hi Peter, No need to apologize. I really appreciate your honesty and it's something I shall sing high and wide. Darren, Australia

Email of the year (2008): 'Hello Peter, I just wanted to say thank you! Your sense of business morals are inspiring! I received the replacement Re-zap Charger this evening after work. You can be sure that I will be singing praises about you to all who'll listen. Thanks again.' Jim H, USA.

Email of the year (2007): 'Thanx. very much for your assistance. I had wasted an enormous amount of time and brain-cells on this hunt. Needless to say, I have immediately placed an order... If you want to start your own religious cult, let me be the first to join. Once again, I am extremely grateful.' Bill F, Sydney.

Email of the year (2006): 'I am using the Rezap Charger now. It is a very neat package, much better and cheaper than the electronic battery chargers I bought from ... and Dick Smith which do not recharge alkaline batteries. Wish I had heard about yours earlier as I have about 30 NiMH AA batteries now. Thank you for spending so much time on the phone answering my questions and for the very pleasant surprise of the free gift, Bulldozer (kit from fischertechnik).' Tim Chung, Australia.

Email of the year (2005): 'Thanks for this wonderful site: Hello, I'm from the Netherlands and while searching after names of Australian country singers I came along your website and have been for three hours on it, and be sure I will come back. It was very interesting with all these mathematical tricks. I had a great afternoon (it's now 6'o clock in the afternoon and I might forget to eat with my lovely family), because time is passing very quick. Thanks for all and have a beautiful day full of music and maths.' Bernadette, Holland.

Email of the year (2004): 'What can I say. Ordered the Rezap Charger on Monday morning 4th October, it arrived Wednesday morning 6th October just after 9am, by 10am it is in full production re-charging my batteries... Once again thanks for the prompt and professional service, something we don't normally get when dealing with southern firms.' Kevin F, Northern Territory, Australia. (Many items are now sent express post by default - please check with us when placing your order).

'I'm quite looking forward to receiving this - Dynamic Kit - 511932 - I loved Fischertechnik products as a child and am looking forward to introducing them to my son.' Emil, Australia.

'You certainly have developed a loyal following on your website. I am impressed by your customer care and honesty and will visit your site again with my grandchildren later.' Andrew, USA.

'Lovely little machine. Lathe all fixed up on a specially made mini bench... I even sat down & read the handy manual you sent with it, just the job for blokes like me who have been away from it most of their lives.' Reg, NSW.

Hi Peter, The package arrived today!!! A projector alarm clock. Thank you very much for you prompt service, nice doing business with you. Regards Peter F, Melbourne.

'Dear Peter, Just wanted to say THANKS! so much for getting the EL-USB sensors delivered on time for our study - with everything there and working properly. Particularly, thank you for taking the time to test the equipment and also copy the software on a regular CD for me - as it turned out the new EL-USB-LCD required a newer version of the software - and the manufacturer supplied "mini" CD does not suit the slot drive on my laptop - but your CD did! These USB dataloggers are otherwise very user friendly and their portability is great. All the best.' Trevor, Monash University, Melbourne.

'Hello Peter, thank you for the delivery. The package reached us today (after some trouble with the customs service). The device (an XC0193 message board) works as expected and we're fully satisfied.' Thomas Kuhn, Germany

'I think your website is absolutely brilliant! I particulary like the customer comments and your suggestions on each product.' Kerry Davenport, Australia.

'Just writing to say that the goods ordered have arrived and thanks for your prompt service, very professional. Many thanks' Daryl Hams, Australia.

'Received the shipment today. Thank you for the prompt service.' Uditha deAlwis, USA. (it took 1 week only for airmail delivery from Australia to the USA)

'I received the package on October 1st, only 4 days in transit! The meters (QM1538) work great. Thank you very much.' Mack M. USA.

'Thank you very much! Your promptness is impressive.' Russ Birchall, USA.

'I received the product (Multimeter QM1538) yesterday (Jan-19-2005). Good product! Thanks.' Jalmes Dollis, Brasil.

"I used Google to search for "Galileo Thermometer" and found your website immediately with 'Procon Technology Galileo Galilei Thermometer from $33' ... I congratulate you on a well constructed website." Bill B. Sydney, Australia.

'I hope you received my faxed order yesterday for a mini digital camera... It is for my daughter who will be in Australia for Christmas ... Sorry it's such short notice but I was let down at the last moment by a British co.' Next day: 'Hi, can't thank you enough for getting my order done. Brill. Regards.' S. Courtiour, U.K.

'What a great marketing ploy! I received a free rainbow glow pen with my last order and I'd now like to buy 12 for all my nieces and nephews.' Ross S. Australia.

'Please send me ASAP the following order (I love the pens) someone lost their pen at my church and I hoped they wouldn't claim it but they did, so I searched the internet in google for "pen with light" and it took me straight to your website.' Jennifer Laurence, Australia.

'I wanted to get back to you just to say thanks for the hard work your team did. I know we were pushing it, and then you came in a day early - we couldn't have been happier. Hope to work together with you again. Thanks.' Maureen, Creative Group Inc. USA. Note, Maureen ordered 350 of the new UV glow light pens for a special function, which we had ready for shipment by UPS in 3 days!

'What do they feed those Qantas pilots on? The package arrived Monday! That's as quick as if I ordered something from Maplin - and they're in Essex. Thanks and best regards' Iain Rankin, England.

'I'm pretty happy with the C3 lathe - it does everything I wanted! I'd like to buy the 11 piece cutter set for it.' Rod, Australia.

'My own kids and my students at school love Fischertechnik - you are doing us a great service!! Blessings' Mike, USA.

'Our students are pretty rough on equipment, but we've found fischertechnik to be so durable. By comparison, Lego mindstorms is junk!' T. Coping, Normanhurst Boys High school.

'Hi Peter, I recently purchased the Fischertechnik Fun park and motor. Thank you very much, delivery was smooth and since then I have been having an enjoyable time learning how to make use of the kit. Look forward to speaking soon, Thanks again.' Tony Heuston, Australia.

Paul S. Australia asks... 1. I'm thrilled to have finally found somewhere in Australia where I can buy fischertechnik! It's got to be the best kept secret in kids toys; or is it that the grownups are keeping the fun to themselves? Yes! Remembering how much I enjoyed playing with the system when I was a child, I'm keen to introduce my 4-year-old to the fun and learning. Could you tell me if there is a retail outlet where we can view the selection? We normally sell direct by MAIL ORDER, however we have one shop distributor in Geelong (limited range). Robotic Education Products P/L, 110 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Belmont 3216 Phone (03) 52419581. 2. Can you recommend the best kits to get the young fella started? The best to start young kids on would be the Junior rnage - 511929 Little Starter Kit and the 511930 Jumbo Starter Pack. Although - with your help - something like the Universal Set - might be good. My daughter, at age 2, was controlling the fischertechnik robot arm from the computer! 3. Also, I still have a few kits (20+ years on and still in great shape!) Are the pieces still compatible? You will find that the old parts are compatible with the new - colour is the only difference!!!

'Today I received your package, thank you very much for your business. I am very satisfied... in few months time I will order the 30402 interface from you again. Perhaps, Industry Robots 30408 and Interface. I promise. Once again, thank you for your kindness, Mr. King. Bye...' Leo Wiradharma, Indonesia.

'Thank you very much for the quick and efficient service that your company has shown in sending the fischertechnik (if only other companies were as quick and efficient). I am sure my husband and children will get a lot of pleasure out of it and will become a welcome addition to our already large collection.' Therese Tults, Australia.

'Received the model today (Indexed line p/n 51664) ... Looks great and I can see lots of things happening with it. I will be purchasing the 3-D-Robot later once I have got this part working. The reason for purchasing this model is mainly as a sales tool but also as a training tool. My company specialises in factory automation and in particular Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) ...' Gavin Hughes, Australia.

'Thanks for all the fine work you do in programming fischertechnik...I must say: "better than what we can get in Europe". As a retired engineer, I never knew about fischertechnik until recently...now I'm a big fan.' Willem, Belgium.

'We downloaded your free software and found them very useful...We have been asked to prepare Fischertechnik software written in VisualBASIC, VisualC++ and so on for technical high schools and colleges...Thank you very much for sending your products and manuals. We have already finished testing and now translating your manuals. They are very nice products. We can save much time and money to produce VB software.' Mr Nomota, Japan.

'I received the Industry Robot more than 2 weeks ago, and like the author in EA (Electronics Australia magazine) assembled the kink-arm robot version. With the help of the Check interface I soon had it running the sample program (from the software supplied - LLWIN). The manual and software are both excellent, thank you and fischertechnik.' Peter Oskam, New Zealand.

'The fischertechnik Profi Computing kit has arrived in perfect condition. It was nice doing business with you. Thank you very much. Sincerely' Seng Kai, Indonesia.

Arthur Wherrett, Australia asks... We purchased Fischertechnik as a building/engineering kit for our children some 20 years ago and found them to be great. Will the purchase of kits like Mobile Robots or Industrial Robots be able to be used in conjunction with the old Mot 1 and Mot 2 Kits and the bricks/plates etc. We are coming into the grandchildren era now and would like to give them opportunities with today's technology of computer programming and infrared communication. All of the old motors are compatible with the new computer/infra-red controllers. The grey motors have been discontinued. The new S-motor is black with more flexible accessories. The solar motor and the power motor are new.

Martin Burgheim, Germany asks... We are using some fischertechnik-models with fischertechnik-School-Interface. Since we changed our computers to Windows NT it is not possible to take the analogue values (EX,EY). Perhaps you have heard about software-tools which are working with Windows NT. Thanks for answer! The new LLWIN v3 software will work with Windows NT. Our 32 bit software (e.g. 30400WIN32S) for the new interface (30402) will also work under Windows NT. An upgrade to LLWIN v3.03 is now available from fischertechnik. This upgrade is mainly for use with Windows XP, 2000 and NT. Click here for upgrade

Bernardo Copstein, Brazil asks... Last January, I acquired the 30330-2 Profi Kit with 30402 interface unit. Until now I'm using the demo programs and the LLWIN software to control the kit but now I'm interested in develop my own control software. The disks that came with the Profi-Kit have only source code in Basic (QBasic or VBasic). I'm interested to know if there are some web page from where I can download a C or C++ version of the source code of the access routines? TurboC, TurboPascal, Delphi and VisualC++ examples are now available for all kits. A half price upgrade is available.

'I am a very happy customer. I’ve been using the 16 relay boards I purchased, for the last few years, in my Christmas lights display. I managed to get them working with a program written in Delphi. Now it is time to expand...' Michael Hains, Australia.

'Hi, Peter. Yes, I'm still playing with my robots. I have eight of your G6C-24VAC cards and I've never had a problem with them - some are ten years old!' David Gerke, Australia.

"One of many of your boards, used in access control, allows 500 cars each day to enter and exit our basement carpark. We have never had a problem with your boards". Alan Wright, Technical Manager, Rialto Building, Australia.

"I have boards that have been switching outputs once per second for over ten years ... thanks for a great product! Graeme Duncan, Australia. Note, Graeme was one of our first customers and purchased the PC-IO-NR board which uses relays with a mechanical life of 1000 million operations. Hopefully he'll get another 20 years out of it! p.s. We can still supply these relays on our 16 out board ... however, solid-state relays would be recommended for this sort of application.

"We had problems with everything else during development, but not with your boards." Malcolm Murray, Director, Locker Systems of Australia.

"Your boards have proved to be most reliable. If I could buy all my products from you, I'd be laughing!" Bruno Cali, Locker Systems of Australia. (note, over 1000 custom-made boards, since 1996, have been purchased by L.S.A.) Note, our quality record is impressive, only one of the 2000+ boards shipped to date have been returned due to faulty parts or workmanship!

~ $11 min. charge also applies to packing and handling when the customer uses their own carrier. Min. delivery charge for trade customers is $16.50