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Below are a range of multiple (dual, triple and quad output) power supplies from Meanwell. Please see prices below and email us for quantity pricing on Meanwell power supplies. In Australia, call 03-98306288 now to buy! Meanwell, also provide mains power adapters from 12W to 280W, Battery Chargers (including UPS), DC-DC Converters, DC-AC Inverters, LED Power Supplies and Medical Approved Power Supplies! Desktop power supplies - click here.

To other "caged" Power Supplies

The Meanwell S-150 is an old design that was used in many earlier applications. Drop-in replacements for the 12V, 13.5V, 24V, 27V and 48V units is the AD-155. Note the output terminal connections are different! See below for drop-in replacements of D-60, D-120, T-60, T-120, Q-60, Q-120.

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Click here to download MeanWell USER MANUAL in PDF (190KB).

PRICE LIST.........prices current until 30th June, 2024...
RD-35n, 35W dual v = 5V & 12V or 5V & 24V$40.00$44.00.
RD-3513, 35W dual v = +13.5V & -13.5V (12-15V)$45.00$49.50.
RD-50n, 50W dual v = 5V & 12V or 5V & 24V$45.00$49.50.
RID-50n, 50W dual v = 5V & 12V or 24V independent$50.00$55.00.
RD-65n, 65W dual v = 5V & 12V or 5V & 24V$54.00$59.40.
RID-65n, 65W dual v = 5V & 12V or 24V independent$60.00$66.00.
RD-85n, 85W dual v = 5V & 12V or 5V & 24V$70.00$77.00note
RID-85n, 85W dual v = 5V & 12V or 24V independent$80.00$88.00.
RD-125n, 125W dual v = 5V & 12V or 5V & 24V$80.00$88.00note
RID-125-12v, 125W dual 12V & 24V or 48V independent$100.00$110.00.
RT-50n, 50W triple +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$50.00$55.00.
RT-65n, 65W triple +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$54.00$59.40note
RT-85n, 85W triple +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$70.00$77.00note
RT-125n, 125W triple +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$80.00$88.00note
RQ-50n, 50W quad +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$54.00$59.40.
RQ-65n, 65W quad +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$60.00$66.00.
RQ-85n, 85W quad +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$80.00$88.00note
RQ-125n, 125W quad +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$90.00$99.00note
QP-150n, 150W quad +/-5, +/-12, +/-15, 24V$200.00$220.00.
QP-150-3n, 150W quad 3.3, +/-5, +/-12, +/-15, 24V$250.00$275.00.
QP-200n, 200W quad +/-5, +/-12, +/-15, 24V$240.00$264.00.
QP-320n, 320W quad 5V, +/-12V, +/-15V, 24V$270.00$297.00.
UMP-400-v, 400W v=24,48V plus +/-5V,+/-12V,+/-15Vp.o.a.p.o.a.new!
NID35-v, 35W v=5,12,15,24V module for UMP-400m.o.q.m.o.q.$33.00
NID65-v, 65W v=5,12,15,24V module for UMP-400m.o.q.m.o.q.$39.60
NID100-v, 100W v=5,12,15,24V module for UMP-400m.o.q.m.o.q.$44.00
MP450, 450W 5slot 2,3.3,5,7.5,12,15,18,24,27,33,48Vp.o.a.p.o.a..
MP650, 650W 5slot 2,3.3,5,7.5,12,15,18,24,27,33,48Vp.o.a.p.o.a..
MP1K0, 1000W 7slot 2,3.3,5,7.5,12,15,18,24,27,33,48Vp.o.a.p.o.a..
NMP650, 650W 4slot 5,12,24,48V medical approved!p.o.a.p.o.a.pdf
NMP1K2, 1200W 6slot 5,12,24,48V medical approved!p.o.a.p.o.a.video
DRL-01, Right-angle mounting bracket for DIN rail$4.00$4.40note
DRL-02, Right-angle mounting bracket for DIN rail$5.40$5.94.
DRL-03A, Right-angle mounting bracket for DIN rail$6.30$6.93.
DRP-01, Mounting plate 1$5.40$5.94.
DRP-01A, Mounting plate 1A$9.00$9.90.
DRP-02, DIN Rail (TS35/7.5 or 15mm) Clip 1 - 80mm$4.00$4.40.
DRP-03, DIN Rail (TS35/7.5 or 15mm) Clip 2 - 45mm$4.00$4.40.
DRP-04, DIN Rail (TS35/7.5 or 15mm) Clip 3 - 80mm$5.40$5.94.
MHS012, Right-angle mounting bracket 1$0.90$0.99.
MHS012D, Right-angle bracket for NPB-120-240-360$1.00$1.10.
MHS013, Right-angle mounting bracket 2$0.90$0.99.
MHS014, Right-angle mounting bracket 3$0.90$0.99.
MHS025, Flat-strut mounting bracket 4$1.00$1.10.
MHS026, Right-angle mounting bracket 5$0.90$0.99.
MHS027, Flat-strut mounting bracket 6$0.90$0.99.

For PCB multiple output power supplies (with medical application approval) - click here.

Payment and delivery?
Payment may be made by Direct Deposit to our account. AUD$ prices are Australian dollars. Note, these are EXPORT prices. For delivery within Australia please add 10% GST (use +GST column). For an order form that you can print out and email to us - click here.

Delivery charge within Australia $11 or $16.50 (express delivery). More for large orders to WA, NT, NF and remote QLD. Delivery to all overseas destinations - P.O.A. (ask us). EX-GST purchases may only be made when the delivery address is outside of Australia. i.e. for EXPORT orders. Prices subject to change without notice.

Why you should buy MeanWell for use in Australia?
A quote from an Electrical Contracting Magazine... 'Very high temperatures this summer have made it particularly hard for many inverters that were not designed or rated to withstand Australian conditions. This has been one of the factors contributing to recent increases in inverter failures.'

Try Mean Well and Save:
Procon Technology is happy to provide any in-stock power supply to government, semi-government or large Australian company 'on-approval' for evaluation and testing over 30 days. Remember OEM, wholesale or re-seller and quantity discounts are available. It doesn't matter whether you are using; ABB, Aros, Absopulse, Agilent (HP or Hewlett-Packard), Allen-Bradley, Altech Corp, Amtex, Astec, Astrodyne, B+B, Bel, Block, Cabac, Cabur, Calex, Cosel, Delta, EA (Elektro-Automatik), Emerson, Excelsys, HiTek, IDEC, IMO, Lascar, Mitsubishi, Multicorp, MuRata, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Powerbox, Power-one, Powertech, Puls, Recom, Rhino, RS Components, Siemens, Snaptec, Sola HD, Statronics, SunPower, TDK-Lambda, Telemecanique, Traco Power, Weidmuller Ecoline or XP industrial power supplies, I'm sure we can find something on the Mean Well range to replace it at a more cost-effective price without compromising quality or reliability! Telephone us on 03 98306288 or email us with your requirements. NOTE some of these brands only provide a 1 year warranty. Meanwell provides 3 years with most units, 5 years for RSP (750W and above), RST, HRP/G and MSP, 6 years for HEP series and HLG series 7 years!!!

Disclaimer: The above specifications are subject to change without notice. Please ensure the suitability of these products for your application before purchase. Exchange or refund does not apply to specials. No further discount applies with these products! Full warranty applies, although Procon Technology reserves the right to refund the purchase price or substitute equivalent products. Further note that the power supplies with open terminals are intended to be installed inside a "suitable" protective encloser with adequate ventilation provided. They must be installed by a qualified professional. Please contact us should you have any doubt.